Overwritable Methods

Methods to overwrite

These methods are already defined on your All Futures class. 90% of the time, these defaults are great. If you have complex needs, you can redefine them with your own logic.


Responsible for converting the model instance into a valid DOM id. Can be passed to a StimulusReflex Morph and used as a CableReady selector. Converts namespaced classes to double-dashes.

def to_dom_id
  [self.class.name.underscore.dasherize.gsub("/", "--"), id].join("-")

Only ASCII letters, digits, _, and - should be used for an id. The id attribute should start with a letter.

Do not add a # prefix to the return value.


If you attempt to sort two objects of the same class, Ruby will call the to_key method and use the Array it returns to sort. By default, the to_key Array contains the id. Since All Futures models frequently have a UUIDv4 id, this isn't a useful sorting criteria.

You can specify one or more attributes - or other values - to sort by instead.

def to_key
  [name, age, id]


Returns a String representing the model's key suitable for use in URLs, or nil if persisted? is false. The key is usually the id, but this can be overwritten to provide vanity URL slugs.

def to_param


Active Record model instances can be passed to Rails' render method, and if ActionPack can locate a partial in the correct location based on that model, it will render that partial. to_partial_path is responsible for this magic.

All Futures models can also be passed to render. If you have a Drafts model, to_partial_path returns drafts/draft and ActionPack will look for app/views/drafts/_draft.html.erb. If this isn't where the partial for your model is located, define your own:

def to_partial_path

ActionPack will now attempt to render app/views/article_drafts/_preview.html.erb.


Query readonly? to see if this model instance has been marked as readonly, which prevents all save, update and destroy operations.

Want to ensure that no changes are written to Redis for this model class, ever?

def readonly?

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